Global Framework Agreement Bedeutung

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Indeed, several UFGs have developed their own guidelines to encourage the negotiation and implementation of the IFA, such as IndustriALL`s guidelines for GFA.B. [4] Williams, G., Davies, S., Chinguno, C. (2015). Subcontracting and working standards: reassessing the potential of international framework agreements. British Journal of Industrial Relations, 53 (2), 181-203. Hadwiger, F. (2015). Global Framework Agreements: Achieving Decent Work in Global Supply Chains? International Journal of Labour Research, 7(1), 75-94. Fichter, M., McCallum, J. K.

(2015). Implementation of global framework agreements: the limits of social partnership. Global Networks, 15(1), 65-85. The ILO notes that the number of IFAs signed from year to year between 2000 and 2016 has increased and that 115 agreements were concluded in 2016.