Contoh Surat Lease Agreement Dalam Bahasa Inggris

1. The deposit of 1 (one) month`s rent is paid by the tenant. The deposit is used to pay all outstanding bills (electricity, water or other associated bills) and reserve the condition of the premises. 2. The deposit is refunded to the tenant by the owner within 30 (thirty) days without interest after the expiry of the contract and after deduction of the payment of unpaid bills and repair of the housing unit (delay, costs and losses incurred during the contract). 3. If the costs of paying the outstanding bills and repairing the housing unit exceed the amount of the deposit, the tenant agrees to pay the difference of all remaining costs within 5 (5) working days of the expiry of the contract. Taman Rasuna Apartment 9n 80B Surat merupakan salah satu bentuk alat komunikasi yang bayak digunakan baik secara formal maupun informal. Have any friends of the IBI ever written or sent letters in English? If this is not the case, the administrator will here give friends of the IBI an example about the letter in English as well as its meaning, the letter contains on the agreement. What does an example look like? The 🙂 Article 3 of matters not settled in this agreement will then be settled as an addendum on the basis of a mutual agreement between the first and second parties and will form an integral part of this agreement.

Example of a house rental agreement in English is the free HD wallpapers has been downloaded by Admin. Download this image for free in HD resolution the choice “download button” below. If you can`t find exactly the resolution you`re looking for, then go for a native or higher resolution. 1. Payment is made as follows: • Deposit: 28 April 2011: IDR 4,500,000,- • First payment: 24 May 2011: IDR 54,000,000,- • Second payment: 24. May 2011: IDR 54.000.000, – 2. In case of late payment, IDR 200,000 per day is charged in addition to the rental price. 3. Late payment of more than 3 (3) days means that the tenant terminates this contract exclusively, then the lessor is entitled to a deposit. 1. This Agreement is valid for a period of two (two) years (25 May 2011- 24 May 2013).

5 (five) days from the date of expiry of the rental period. Thereafter, the owner has the legal right to evacuate the premises without further notification. 2. The tenant has the first possibility to extend the duration of the rental at a rental price and on the conditions agreed by both parties. If the tenant wishes to extend the term of the lease, the tenant must inform the landlord at least 30 (thirty) days before the expiry date of this contract. Payment for the renewal of the contract must be made by the tenant 10 (ten) days before the expiry of the contract. 3. Over-stay, the IDR is charged 500,000 (five hundred thousand rupiah) per day, with a maximum of ARTICLE 9: DISPUTE RESOLUTION 1.

If the lessor exclusively terminates this contract, the lessor must reimburse the rental price paid in advance for the remaining rental period plus the fine. 2. If the tenant exclusively terminates this contract, the rental price paid in advance is not refunded. 3. All unresolved matters arising from this Agreement shall be settled by mutual agreement. . . .