Word Of Agreement Shouted By A Congregation

Carey, I just read your 5 stupid things that the Church needs to stop. I give five stars to your comments. Five out of five is not bad, sir. Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom. They strengthened my understanding of how to build a church on solid foundations, nurture the flock, and watch the Lord increase the number. These words came to me at a crucial intersection in my life. I thank God for sending me to your website today, and I thank you for hearing God when He asked you to write this message. I notice that the word “idiot” sometimes comes from the pulpit of a well-known televangelist, as well as another Christian known for memorizing and playing complete biblical books on stage. 5: In other words. Do not call sin “sin” Be like the world. If I drive in a car with my boyfriend and he drives at 60 mph in a 25 mph area and I tell him to slow down because it`s illegal, that`s fine.

When I tell my boyfriend to stop cheating on his wife because it`s wrong. it is judgment. Hmmmmm Stroupe is pastor of Oakhurst Presbyterian Church, a mixed congregation in Decatur. As more and more blacks joined his church, he incorporated elements of traditional black preaching into his sermons. He stopped using a typed manuscript. He began to raise his voice, using his arms and hands. He found the experience refreshing. Yes, the majority of people in the Church have more characteristics of the Pharisees. Assess the scope of Christ`s pro-test heart against the establishment and look at how this establishment has acted in the areas of taxes, wealth, boasting in values, and what you discover is a deeply disturbing phenomenon of masses of people today who are identical when they give lip service to Christ but show the characteristics of those who cried out for Christ`s death. I hope you`re a “fake real person” who says something like that, that they believe in wood. If you and your church continue to believe this way, I`m sure your doors won`t stay open for another 10 years, God never wanted us to mix His Word with politics – does anyone actually read His Bibles? “Give back to God what is God`s and Caesar what is Caesar” – and answers exactly this question explicitly: worship and politics should never mix! For this reason, and for the reason that when mixed, the clergy immediately commit the most heinous sins: by representing that God wants this or that (choose the political hot button that happens and insert here!).

In other words, it is up to a man to sin, but for the clergy, using the name of the Lord so freely and making an entire church sin sin is an almost unforgivable sin and the gravest of all sins. If you ruin your own soul, that`s one thing, but hundreds? Thousands? Millions of souls? Yes, I will pray for those who think it is correct. and I say it with sincerity and love, not with sarcasm, anger, etc., I really pray about it all the time. “PAUL SAID I HAD A THORN IN MY FLESH, BUT THE THORN STAYED THERE,” Williams shouted as his jubilant congregation stood. “YOU CAN`T HURRY, GAWWWD. YOU JUST HAVE TO WAIT FOR IT. DO I HAVE A WITNESS HERE? I`M TRYING TO STOP. HOLD ME JESUS. I WANT TO STOP SO MUCH, BUT I STILL HAVE ONE MORE THING I HAVE TO TELL YOU… John 6:63 (ESV) The words I have spoken to you are spirit and life. To say that it is your fault to leave the church because of the people, and that you are there for the wrong reasons, is just an excuse to put the problems at the feet of the innocent faithful and let the dysfunctional church hide and do nothing to change the things they do. to harm their community.

Allow others in the church to mis behave toward others who are struggling to find a place in the church. .